Kuidas korvpallisokke pesta?



Esiteks puhastusmeetodkorvpallisokid contain a lot of sweat after playing. If you don't rinse them carefully and repeatedly, trace elements and detergents in the water will remain, and the korvpallisokid will become hard. Note:after repeated washing, stretch the korvpallisokid several times until they return to their original shape.

Secondly, drying method. The light resistance and heat resistance of cotton are average, and most people take the method of sun exposure, which will make the cotton texture aging and become dry and brittle. I recommend drying in the shade in a dark and ventilated place, or using a dryer to dry korvpallisokid.

Viimane, kuid mitte vähem olulinekorvpallisokid fabric composition. If the cotton content of the korvpallisokid is too high or the quality of the cotton is not good. Will cause loss of elasticity after multiple washings.People should choose to contain certain elastic fiber Lycra, natural fiber korvpallisokid.